Why choose Eagle Eyes Transport?

Reliable, scalable secure
cannabis transport
Expertise you can trust - you focus on your core business and we distribute your products on time and in compliance.
Robust insurance protection
and risk mitigation
Outsourcing risk is critical and transportation carries a lot of potential problems. Your product will be completely protected end to end by our insurance.
Logistics solutions for
transport cost savings
Our fleet of fully compliant and refrigerated delivery vans staffed by highly trained agents will ensure that your business has a strong transportation and distribution backbone.
Expertise in regulatory
We know how to navigate the strict and complex rules surrounding transportation and we leverage technology to create transparency and efficiency.
Operations commencing early fall 2019
EET is the first and only provisional license holder in MA for independent distribution


Pricing will vary depending on several factors, including value, weight, size, frequency, and product type, but customers can generally plan on transport costs to be between 3-8% of wholesale value. Large volume customers may negotiate annual contracts with the most favorable rates.

Please contact us to discuss your needs