Are you looking to save money on transportation costs and reduce hassle? Do you want a distribution partner that is ready to help you grow rapidly?

We safely and securely transport over $120M in product annually

  Simply stated, our ultimate goal at Eagle Eyes Transport is to ensure that each and every one of our clients enjoys a professional transportation experience which culminates in their product reaching its destination safely and securely, on time, and in compliance with all Cannabis Control Commission regulations. Our dispatchers track every shipment point to point so you don’t have to.

   To begin our relationship, a member of our management team will consult with you to determine which of our services best fits your needs. We are available to assist you with anything from a one day fill-in emergency delivery to routine delivery of your entire product line and anything in between.




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Full-service distribution services for cultivators & manufacturers.
Your one stop solution for guaranteed contracts, testing, transportation, capital, waste disposal and all compliance issues.

Focus on your core business producing the finest quality cannabis and cannabis products, and let us guarantee your bottom line and take away all of your stress.